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TritonFX started off as a small start-up and has now grown into a company that
offers state-of-the-art technology while working on branching out to other

We now have 5branches in 5 different countries and offer service to customers in over 100 countries.
Our goal is to help develop trading strategies so that you can profit from long-term capital gains.


MT4 is a major forex trading platform developed by Russian software company MeTaQuotes.

Its defining feature is MT4’s own embedded programming language called MQL which allows customers to install and utilize original indicators and automated trading systems (EA) that are used by developers around the world.

Overwhelmingly popular with experts due to its emphasis on technical analysis, the MT4 proves time and time again to be a high performance trading platform.

The MT4 is a reputable platform that is easy to use even for beginners.



DCTrader is an extremely valuable trading platform specializing in cryptocurrency.

Not only does DCTrader provide superior technical analysis, it also makes it possible for customers to reproduce the trade practices of expert traders by using a follow function.

DCTrader can also help analyze your trading techniques by reviewing charts of your own Aurora functions.

※Compatible with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.Other browsers unsupported.


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